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The Dropship Model

Dropshipping is one of the best and most profitable models that you can have for an online business.

You have an agreement with one or more wholesalers to sell their product.

You buy at the wholesale price and sell at a retail price of your choosing. You choose your markup. It can be 20%, 40%, 100% or more, depending on the product and the competition (or lack of it).

But... and here's the good part.

You don't keep any inventory and

Your customer pays you before you pay your supplier!

"OK." I hear you ask, "but what's the downside? There's gotta be one, right?" Well, actually there are two.

  1.  There are a few different moving parts to make it work. Putting them all together is probably beyond the expertise of someone just starting out in the online business world and
  2.  As soon as your customer pays you, you need to place the order on your supplier and supply your customer with the tracking link. If you're only making a few sales a day, it's possible to do this manually but to be really successful, the process needs to be automated.

This is where AliDropship comes in.

AliDropship will provide you with a dropshipping store with everything already done for you.

They provide 3 levels of store, including everything you need to be successful using this profitable business model.

Here's How It Works

AliDropship How It Works

The Packages

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Don't hesitate. Make a start on your new profit-pulling online dropshipping business now!