Make Your WordPress Website Shine with Thrive Themes and Plugins.

WordPress Website

YOUR Theme, YOUR Way

Choose from the built-in themes or use the Thrive Theme Builder to create your own personal brand. Change colors and typography with a single click.

There's a Plugin for That

From building an interactive quiz to marketing an online course to adding visitor details to your mailing list, Thrive has a plugin for it. All built in and ready to use!

Just the Best Editor

WordPress is famous for its editors. They're famously bad. Fortunately, there's Thrive architect. Just point and drag from a huge array of elements to do everything you need.


There's WordPress Editors - Then There's Thrive Architect

You can focus on content, while Architect takes care of both presentation and technicalities. Want a lead generation form? Just drag and drop the Lead Gen element then choose the template you want. Simple and elegant!

Senior Running His Business from Anywhere


Engage Your Visitors with a Quiz

Thrive makes it easy to create a quiz for your visitors to engage with. Take different paths depending on the answers selected. Display quiz results in a colorful pie chart. Capture your visitor's name and email for them to see the results.

Quiz Result


One-Click Connect to Your Mailing List

It doesn't matter whether you're using ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Aweber, another mailer service OR THRIVE'S BRAND-NEW INTERNAL (FREE) MAILER, it's dead simple to click and engage.

Email Marketing

Customer stories

Emma Morgan

Emma Morgan: Entrepreneur

A failed marriage left me with two kids to support and not enough income to do it the way I wanted to. Plus I was overweight and seriously stressed.

Phil helped me both to get fit and to start my own online business in the health and fitness niche.

I new nothing about building a website and had always thought that sort of technical stuff was beyond me.

But once I learned how to use Thrive, it all fell into place. It's incredibly powerful and, once you're past the initial learning curve, really easy to use. I love Architect's drag and drop approach to building pages and blog posts.

I now have two online businesses making nice profits and am about to start a third. This time, I'm going to try dropshipping. I just love this business!

Janice White 2

Janice White: Business Consultant

I have a large number of online businesses and so maintain several websites, both for myself and for clients.

Originally, all of these sites had been done for me by third parties at great expense, both for the initial build and, more importantly, for even the slightest, most trivial change.

I'd got to the stage where I was questioning whether it was all worthwhile.

Then I met Phil and he introduced me to the Thrive Suite.

Gradually, we replaced all of the various themes and plugins that had been used by the original developers and installed Thrive on all of my sites.

The result was cleaner, faster, better-looking websites with complete consistency from one site to the next.

And though sometimes I need a little help from Phil, for the most part I can maintain them myself. 

Jill Falls

Jill Falls: Interior Designer

I loved the first website that Phil built for me so much that I contracted with him to build me another in a niche I'm passionate about, growing and cooking with herbs.

The new website looks great, it is amazing. Phil added everything I asked for, made it very user friendly and any changes I request are made the same day. He says that it's all because he uses something called the Thrive Suite.

Phil even gave me a book on organic gardening that he had PLR rights to and created a new cover for it showing me as the author. We are going to use it as a giveaway on the site to start building me email list. I'm really excited about this. I didn't have to do anything technical, Phil created a free account with an autoresponder for me and connected the giveaway to it from my website.

I can highly recommend Phil's services. He goes the extra mile.

Get the Thrive Suite + Personal Help from Me

Any new software comes with its own learning curve and the Thrive Suite is no exception. It's incredibly powerful but fortunately, you don't need to be on top of all of its features to get started. The Thrive Theme Builder has a really easy Wizard to get you up and running fast and you only need a handful of Thrive Architect elements to make your pages and blog posts pop.

BUT... If you get the Thrive Suite through this page, you will also get personal help from me to get started and to keep going. After you've purchased Thrive, just fill in your name, email address and purchase receipt below. I will contact you with details of how you can have me as your personal mentor.

Would You Like to be Mentored?

I use the Thrive Suite on all of my online businesses (and I have over 20 of them). I wouldn't be without it. If you purchase the Thrive Suite, I will be your personal mentor at no charge. Just fill out the form below.


I'm not sure at this stage just how many clients I will be able to mentor for free, but I'll certainly need to keep the number down so as to keep the quality high. So fair warning - this offer could disappear at any time.