This Is the Easiest and Most Effective Way of Creating Your Own Long-Term and Profitable Internet Busines Ever!

Want a profitable internet business but don't know where to start?

  • Unless you've worked in I.T. all your life, the technical terminology is beyond you.
  • You've got business ideas, but you just need a step-by-step blueprint or roadmap to follow. Do this, do that, then the next thing.
  • Don't despair. There is a way and it won't break the bank. In fact, you can get started for FREE. Keep reading. I'm going to explain everything.
Make Money from Internet Business

Hi, I'm Phil. I have over 20 profitable internet businesses and I'm going to let you in on the secret to how I got started (in my 70's)

Phil Lancaster

If You're Looking for a Get Rich Quick Scheme, You Should Stop Reading Right Now! The Internet Abounds with Bright Pebbles by "Gurus" Who Just Want Your Money. This Isn't One of Them.

Make no mistake. There is no magic button.

Can you create a successful internet business? Yes, you absolutely can.

Are you prepared to work to make that happen?

Perhaps to move outside your comfort zone to learn how to register a domain name, build an attractive website, get visitors and sell stuff to them? Not all at once, but in a simply explained "paint by numbers" approach that will guarantee success.

If you are, I can help you make it happen.

But what's that going to cost? If that's something you're worried about, don't be.

With the solution I'm going to reveal on this page, you can get going for the price of 2 or 3 cups of coffee.

And this is the very same system that I used to launch over 20 successful online businesses.

But I Have No Idea What My Internet Business Should be About

This is one of the most common roadblocks to starting a successful internet business.

People stress over it and get into the stage known as "paralysis by analysis".

The fact is that it's not all that important. Why?

There are broadly two alternatives.

  • Something you are knowledgeable and passionate about or
  • Something that other people are interested in and that you can research (Google, anyone?)

That's easy. But the other thing is pick one, jump into it and do it. It's just the first of many businesses you're going to own. Use it to climb the learning curve.

If it doesn't work out, who cares? Throw it away, register another domain name at a cost of around $14 and use the knowledge gained to start your next business. Maybe come back to the first business later and apply what you've learned to make it successful.

You won't get there just by reading my books.

But They Sure Will Help.

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IM FAST Covers Books 1-8

You're not alone if you can't achieve a new skill just by reading text books. Most people relate best to videos showing exactly what to do next and to tutors explaining the answers to specific questions.

And that's all an essential part of the solution I'm going to reveal to you.

But you'll find that if you download my books, keep them somewhere (like your desktop or documents folder) that you can find them easily, they will work well as a reference resource.

Create Your Website the Quick and Easy Way

Watch As I Build a New Website in Less Than a Minute

Click these links for more information (will open in a new tab):


Wealthy Affiliate

Thrive Themes and Plugins

Why Build An Online Internet Business Anyway?

Perhaps we should take a step back and ask this question.

Why do you want an online Internet Business?

I guess the first answer is that you want one or more or all of these things:

  • Respect from your friends and family as someone who ensures that they never go without.
  • Your dream home, fully paid for. That is, you own it, not the bank.
  • The car you've always wanted to drive.
  • The car your partner has always wanted to drive.
  • Businesses that you can pass on to your children. In fact, you can help your children start their own profitable internet businesses while they're still at high school. Can you imagine the confidence your kids will enjoy when they can pay for their own college education?
  • Overseas holidays for your whole family whenever you want.

Is this going to happen overnight?

No, of course it's not.

That's why earlier I asked you to leave if what you were looking for was a get-rich-quick scheme.

Well, congratulations. You're still here.

Hopefully this means that you are ready to start building your first online business. Hopefully, the first of many.

This is your dream, and I'm going to help you achieve it.

I'll get you started the same way I got started, but without the mistakes that I made along the way.

I'll be there to help you on every step of this exciting journey.

The 3-Step Tango

Top Level Domains

Get your business domain name.

WordPress Logo

Build your business website.

Online Business Process

Attract buyers.

What Are the Things Stopping You?

  • Inertia. It's much easier and safer to do nothing instead of making a start.
  • Dithering. You don't know what business you want to start.
  • Technical Ignorance. Registering a domain name, building a website, creating keyword-rich content and attracting buyers are all (or mostly) foreign concepts.

+ No Roadmap and No Mentor

How to Get Started Now...

First up, don't despair. There is a way out.

Every successful online business owner, including me, was once where you are now.

All you need is a little help...

  1. Choose your niche (what is your business all about?)
  2. Register your domain name (start branding your business)
  3. Host your website (where will your business be located?)
  4. Build your website (make your business attractive to prospects)
  5. Choose your online business model:
    • Affiliate (sell other people's products and earn a commission)
    • E-commerce (sell other people's physical products and have them dropship to your customers so that you don't maintain inventory)
    • Sell your own re-badged PLR (Private Label Rights) products
    • Sell your own original products
    • A combination of the above.
  6. Set up payment, delivery and autoresponder platforms
  7. Attract visitors.

Now I understand that all this can seem overwhelming. But it isn't if every step of the roadmap and what you need to do is clearly explained in a detailed, step by step fashion.

And that's what you're going to get here.

And It's Cheap!

Cafe Offline Business

Can you imagine the cost of running an off-line business in the bricks and mortar world?

You could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just on leasing a location and fitting out the premises for a simple coffee shop. And you'll need to pay the lease and other outgoings every month. In contrast, the equivalents in the online business world are register your domain name (less than $15) host your website (free to a few dollars a month) and build your website (I'll teach you how to do it for free).

Not that long ago, I was where you are now. My breakthrough happened when I joined a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

A little earlier, I listed 5 different online business models:

  1. Affiliate Marketing (sell other people's products and earn a commission)
  2. E-commerce (sell other people's physical products and have them dropship to your customers so that you don't maintain inventory)
  3. Sell your own re-badged PLR (Private Label Rights) products
  4. Sell your own original products
  5. A combination of the above.

Now, the most profitable of these is number 4 (or 5) both of which require you to create your own original product or products. But that's also far and away the most difficult.

The easiest business model to get started with is number 1 Affiliate Marketing. Unless you're prepared to devote a LOT of time to it, it won't make you a 6-figure income. But it will make you some income and it will teach you the basics that you need to get started and then to progress to the other models.

The best training for getting started with affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. Their support is legendary too. Not just from the WA help desk, but from thousands of other Wealthy Affiliate members from all over the world.

  1. 1
    Get started for free: Wealthy Affiliate allows you to get started for free. You won't have access to all the lessons but enough to decide if WA is right for you.
  2. 2
    Become a Premium member: Get access to all of Wealthy Affiliate's training, the best support in the business and up to 10 business websites. All for just $49 a month. Every Black Friday, WA also offers a year's membership at a massive discount.
  3. 3
    Tap into the WA community: You can post any question and ask for help at any time. You will get instant answers from the generous members of the world-wide WA community.
  4. 4
    Updated Training: Every Friday, new updated training is posted, with more insights into your journey as a successful internet entrepeneur.

Building Your Website

Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder

Building your own website is the step that frightens many people who are thinking of starting their own online business.

It can be the one stumbling block that prevents you from getting started and so you never get to the fun parts - creating affiliate links, stocking you store, getting visitors and making sales!

Fortunately, Wealthy Affiliate makes this step trivially easy.

Enter the domain name you want to use for your business, select a theme from the hundreds on offer and click the create site button. Wealthy Affiliate starts building your site automatically. In less than a minute, your new site is built.

How cool is that?

Is Wealthy Affiliate Perfect? Or Are There Some Issues?

I'd be misleading you if I claimed that Wealthy Affiliate was perfect and that there weren't any problems.

But the thing is that if you join WA and upgrade to Premium (for $49) I will be your mentor. I will help you overcome any problems and teach you things not covered by Wealthy Affiliate's lessons.

Here are some of those issues:


Wealthy Affiliate is also an agent for a domain name registrar. This makes it very tempting to have them host your domain name as well as your website. This is a really bad idea. They should be independent to ensure that a problem with one doesn't spill over into a problem with the other. Most WA members don't realize that they can (and should be) independent.


I will introduce you to the registrar I use for all of my domain names and provide you with detailed instructions as to how to register. They are 100% reliable and independent and, as a bonus, cost less than the WA solution.

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to build a website using a "free domain". This is available even to trial (free) members.

The problem is that this isn't actually a domain, it's a sub-domain of Wealthy Affiliate's server SiteRubix. The url is not, it's

You cannot build a serious online business on a sub-domain and when you understand that and go to register, you're likely to find that it simply isn't available, resulting in a lot of wasted work.

It's the same solution as above.

I will teach you how to research and find a suitable domain name and then register it independently.

Then when you go to build your website on Wealthy Affiliate, you choose the option "On a Domain I Own" and WA builds your website with the "proper" url

To make your online business a success, you need traffic (i.e., visitors to your site). You can pay for traffic or you can get it for free by ranking high in the search engines (like on page 1 of Google) for popular keywords.

Wealthy Affiliate does a great job of teaching you how to create keyword-rich articles aimed at getting a high ranking.

But it's very difficult to rank high in Google without good backlinks from other sites and WA doesn't teach that at all.

I will teach you how to publish articles that get powerful backlinks from all over the internet, as well as social media platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Wealthy Affiliate gives out award badges to recognize milestones or achievements such as your site being indexed by Google or you having been a WA member for 12 months. Don't get caught up in these. The only statistics that matter are the number of sales and how much profit you've made.

I will help you to focus on the important stuff.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you a rank based on your interaction with the WA community. You improve your rank by writing popular blog posts, helping others with their problems, creating training courses and getting other members to follow you. Some members treat WA like a social media platform and spend far too long reporting non-relevant stuff.

You will start off with a rank of several hundred thousand, which reduces as you engage with the community. Some members get addicted to improving their rank.

Currently, I have a rank of 10. Out of WA's hundreds of thousands of members, I am ranked as the 10th most helpful!

But my rank mostly comes from posting helpful information that I also use elsewhere to increase my business traffic.

It's a win-win.

Why Not Join for Free Right Now?

This is your opportunity to finally make a real start on your online business. Perhaps the first of many online businesses that you will end up owning.

Join for free, upgrade to Premium whenever you're ready to do so, and work through all of the training at your own pace.

If something's unclear, reach out to either the broader WA community or directly to me.

Either way, you'll be on your way again in no time flat.

Your exciting journey has begun!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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Would You Like to be Mentored?

I got my start with Wealthy Affiliate and now have over 20 online businesses. If you join Wealthy Affiliate, I will be your personal mentor at no charge. Just fill out the form below.

Phil Lancaster

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About Me

Two years ago, I had zero online businesses and now I have over 20.

If you're just starting out on this journey, I can relate to your fears and frustrations. You need a roadmap and a mentor.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide the roadmap and the training for you to launch yourself as an affiliate marketer. And the lessons learned and the skill sets gained will help you to transition to more profitable models.

As your mentor, I can call on all my personal experience to guide you along each step of the way.

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