Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

I'm pleased to offer you my Affiliate Marketing for Beginners training course. It comprises 9 video lessons that teach you how to become an affiliate marketer. The training treads the fine line between giving you real information that will enable you to complete this journey and avoiding being overwhelmed with extraneous information.

There are several different ways you can access the Affiliate Marketing for Beginners training course:

Watch the Individual Videos Here

1. Introduction

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This lesson is the introduction to the training course Affiliate Marketing for Beginners.

2. Choose Your Niche

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This lesson teaches you how to decide what your affiliate marketing business will be all about.

3. Register Your Domain Name

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In this lesson, you'll find and register a domain name that matches your niche and that you'll use to build your website on.

4. Select a Web Host

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You need a web host to store your website and serve it to anyone who requests it, anywhere in the world.

5. Create Your Website

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In this lesson, you'll create your website on your selected web host and connect it to your domain name. Your site doesn't have any content yet (that's covered in the next lesson) but your online business now exists on the internet, and that's a great start!

6. Build Out Your Website

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Here you'll start adding content to your skeleton WordPress Site so that it tells the world about you and your niche.

7. Get Affiliate Vendor Agreements

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You can't make any money from your affiliate marketing site until you have agreements in place with vendors who have affiliate programs in your niche. This lesson shows you three places to get them from.

8. Create Landing Pages

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Your landing pages are where you'll introduce your visitors to the products you're promoting and provide them with affiliate links to click on and make you money.

9. Direct Traffic to Your Landing Pages

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To make money, you must direct visitors to your landing pages so that they can see your offer and make a purchase. To enjoy long-term business success, you must create a list of prospects and customers who will continue to buy from you.

Complete Step-by-Step Training

My 9 free video lessons give you a 1,000 foot view of affiliate marketing and they are a great first step.

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