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October 22, 2019

Senior Exercise Routine: Videos 11 – 20

This is a set of 20 videos that comprise a senior exercise routine.

Each video showcases a different exercise that should be within the capacity of most seniors to do.

Little or no equipment is required.

If you want to record your progress for each exercise over time, fill in your name and email address below. I'll email you a link to download the Exercise Record chart.

You'll find this is wonderful motivation, as you record the increase in the number of repetitions you achieve for each of these senior exercise routine videos.

This post covers the second 10 videos. The first 10 can be found in Senior Exercise Routine: Videos 1-10.

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Senior Exercise Routines Video 11: Seated Foot Circles


Senior Exercise Routines Video 12: Seated Hamstring Stretch

Senior Exercise Routines Video 13: Seated Heel Raise

Senior Exercise Routines Video 14: Seated Leg Extension

Senior Exercise Routines Video 15: Seated Tennis Ball Foot Roll

Senior Exercise Routines Video 16: Seated Tricep Stretch

Senior Exercise Routines Video 17: Seated Wrist Stretch

Senior Exercise Routines Video 18: Shoulder Roll

Senior Exercise Routines Video 19: Single Leg Bent Knee Balance

Senior Exercise Routines Video 20: Single Leg Swing Balance

For the first 10 videos in this set, see my article ​Senior Exercise Routine: Videos 1 - 10​​​

For an alternative senior exercise routine, see my article Sex and Seniors: The Hidden Truth.

For a relevant Wikipedia article pertaining to exercise for seniors, see Bodyweight Exercise.

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james8268 - October 23, 2019 Reply

Thank you for sharing those videos!

The videos are very helpful for people to learn how to do different exercises step by step. I suppose that it is not only good for the elders but also can be useful for young people, especially in this era with a lot of civilized diseases.

    Phil Lancaster - October 23, 2019 Reply

    The exercises are simple and easy, but I guess that’s a relative term. And so could be a useful starter, for unfit younger persons.

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