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January 3, 2020

The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products

What Are the Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products for Men and Women?

The Best Skin Care Products for Men and Women

Daily Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen

If you’re a man or a woman who is serious about looking younger, you need to be taking action every day. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours beautifying your skin and fighting the visible signs of aging. In fact, an effective daily anti-aging regimen takes just a few minutes each day.

Daily Skincare

An effective daily skincare routine is essential if you want to keep looking young as the years pass by. Every night before bed, make sure you cleanse and tone your skin, exfoliate and moisturize.

This will remove dead skin cells and toxins from the skin and encourage the growth of fresh and youthful new skin cells. To get the maximum anti-aging benefit from your daily skincare regimen, make sure you use organic skincare products or natural solutions. 

For 7 days to smoother, firmer, younger looking skin, I recommend Ageless Glow from BioTRUST. It's non-GMO, free of harmful chemicals, made with the highest-quality natural ingredients and is never tested on animals.

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December 28, 2019

Skin Care Routine for Men and Women Over 50

The Smooth Skin Hormone

Smooth Skin Hormone

While often thought of as an exclusively female hormone, estrogen is an important factor when considering a skin care routine for men and women over 50.

With the drop-off in estrogen production that naturally occurs as you age, your skin becomes dry and is irritated more easily. It loses its resilience and youthful appearance.

At this stage, you should consider restocking your bathroom shelves with products that reflect these changing conditions.

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November 13, 2019

The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products

The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products Use All Natural Ingredients

Aloe Vera - the best anti-aging skin care products

Nutrient-Rich Aloe Vera

Choose Natural Skin Care for Anti-Aging

Have you ever taken the time to consider how many chemicals you’re intentionally exposing your body to every single day? Between hair care, skin care, and beauty products, you can use up to 10 (or more!) products in a single morning. This can add up to as many as 500 chemicals every single day. With this regular onslaught of unnatural chemicals, is it any wonder that issues like hyperpigmentation, dryness, acne, and signs of premature aging are such common nuisances?

7 Days to Smoother, Firmer, Younger-Looking Skin... GUARANTEED

Clicking on the link above will take you to BioTRUST's Ageless Glow product, which is my number 1 recommendation for natural skin care that works. I am a BioTRUST affiliate, which means that if you purchase Ageless Glow through my link, I will get paid a commission. This makes no difference to your cost, but it does help contribute towards maintaining this site to keep you informed of anti-aging news and techniques.

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October 29, 2019

Profollica: The #1 Hair Regrowth System

Profollica Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss, or male pattern baldness is one of the early visible signs of aging in men.

There are several different approaches men take to try to combat the problem, including the totally ineffective and often laughable comb over, but there are only 3 effective solutions.

  1. A hair transplant. Incredibly expensive (think $25,000 plus) and yet very often ineffective. Not to mention that as your hair loss progresses, the gap between your original and transplant hairlines grows until you need another one!
  2. Start shaving your head. This can be a great solution if you have the right shaped head. Some people like the look, others don't. And it does mean an addition to your daily shave.
  3. Regrow your hair. For this to work, you need a product that treats the root cause of the problem and to do this, there's only one product that I can recommend.
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October 25, 2019

The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-Aging Skin Care: Your Easy Guide

Anti-Aging Skin

Your skin is a clear indicator of your age.

If you ask someone to guess your age, it’s your skin that they’ll look at first to make their estimate.

Skin that looks like crepe paper, so called liver spots, sun damage, wrinkles and just generally unhealthy looking skin will all make you look older.

You never want any of those awkward moments when someone assumes your daughter is your granddaughter or your grandfather is your brother.

The best anti-aging skin care is prevention and it starts now...

Using the correct techniques, it’s possible to cut up to 25 years off your appearance, maybe more, and look and feel better too.

For the best ant-aging skin care serum, please check out my article The Best Anti Aging Skin Care Products.

The Best Anti-Aging Skin Care: Diet

The first dimension in anti-aging skin care is your diet.

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