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January 27, 2020

Mindfulness in Meditation


Mindfulness: Is It Just a Buzzword?

Buddhism and Mindfulness

It's easy to think of mindfulness as the latest buzzword du jour, but what is mindfulness in meditation and how does it differ from other introspective practices such as Buddhism and Western Meditation?

Mindfulness is a mind and body based approach with the aim of helping its practitioners to decrease stress and anxiety and cope with everyday life by changing the way they think and feel about their experiences.

Its roots lie in Buddhism and meditation and it teaches you to how to enjoy the here and now, without engaging in the harmful practice of reliving past bad experiences.

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January 5, 2020

Anti Aging Workout Routines: Knock 30 Years Off Your Body

5 Essential Rules for Anti Aging Workout Routines

Fitness Level

This was the result of a fitness level test that I did yesterday. And although it says I'm 74 years old, I'm only 3 days away from my 75th birthday, so it's reasonable to say I've knocked 43 years off my fitness age.

Here are 5 essential rules to follow with any anti aging workout routines:

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December 23, 2019

Shrimp and Cholesterol: a Good Combination?

Shrimp and Cholesterol: a Good Combination?

Many questions are asked about shrimp and cholesterol online. In general, many people are concerned about cholesterol levels in foods such as meat, eggs and dairy products. In the case of the shrimp, the story about cholesterol is different, because a number of studies have shown that the high percentage of ‘good fats‘ in shrimp reduces the influence of cholesterol and that the vast majority of people can simply eat shrimps as part of a balanced diet.

Years ago shrimps were seen as a taboo for heart patients or for people who had to watch their cholesterol. This is because a small portion of, for example, 350 grams contains about 200 mg of cholesterol. For people at high risk of cardiovascular disease, this is their maximum recommended daily allowance. (For a healthy person, 300 mg is the recommended daily amount.)

Shrimp, however, have a very low total fat (about 1.5 grams per portion) and contain virtually no saturated fat. Saturated fat is known to be particularly harmful to the heart and blood vessels, partly because our body can efficiently convert it to LDL (or bad) cholesterol. But the LDL level is only a part of what affects your risk of cardiovascular disease.

First of all: what is cholesterol?

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November 30, 2019

Goal Achieved for Week 1

Half Way Through My 2 Week Plan

Phil Upper Body Flex

As outlined in my previous post Keto Diet + Intermittent Fasting my aim was to reduce my body fat percentage by 2% over a two week period, while maintaining muscle mass with minimal weight loss.

At two months away from my 75th birthday, I also wanted to put to bed these four Internet-based "facts":

  1. You naturally put on weight as you age.
  2. Your body fat percentage always goes up with your age, especially for women.
  3. Older people should avoid weight training because of the danger to their joints and muscles.
  4. It's difficult to get a six-pack after 40 and impossible after 50.

The planned methodology was the Keto Diet, intermittent fasting between breakfast and dinner, weights work on alternate days, stretches, abs and aerobics comprising walk, bike and HIIT. And no alcohol!

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November 22, 2019

Energy for Healing

Energy Healing: Medicine of the Future?

Energy Healing Waterfall

A process by which you "recharge your batteries", energy healing is an alternative medicine practice which has been around for thousands of years. You use the natural energy that exists in your body and the universe for specific health rewards. Not only can improving your energy flow impact your physical health, but it can also lead to metaphysical benefits like improved spirituality and a more complete emotional existence.

Energy healing works because you are a natural energy creator. Everything in the universe is energy. Energy is everywhere, and everything in your environment works to either improve or negatively impact your life force energy.

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November 9, 2019

4 More Ways to Slow Down Aging

Is Age Just a Number?

Age is a Number

It's a well known fact that we perceive the people we love as being younger than they actually are.

It can be a couple in their sixties or seventies who still see each other as the 20 somethings they married 40 years ago.

It can be a father who still sees his daughter as the twelve year old who needed his support, advice and protection when the rest of the world sees her as the successful attorney that she's become.

Interestingly, this only happens if the object of affection has maintained their health and appearance.

The rose colored lens doesn't work if the subject has got too fat or too wrinkly to fit inside it any more.

The takeaway is embracing a diet and exercise related lifestyle will keep those rose colored glasses firmly on your loved one's face!

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November 5, 2019

4 Ways to Slow Down Aging

Is Age Just a Number?

Slow Down Aging

A recent study by Duke University reported that the process of aging is highly variable among even young people in their teens, early twenties and early thirties.

Young people who are aging rapidly show early stages of physical and cognitive impairment, leading to early dementia symptoms.

This is why improving health through diet and exercise is important from a young age and throughout life. It improves the state of all our organs, leading to a positive imbalance between chronological and biological age.

Biological age is a measure of how quickly your body systems are declining.

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November 3, 2019

Do You Want to Look Younger?

Looking Younger: Effective and Ineffective Ways 

Anti-Aging: Christina Brinkly at 61

Christie Brinkley is 64 

Unless you are literally still a child, or someone who looks forward to and embraces old age, you are someone who wants to look younger.

As we get older we unfortunately are dealt the double blow of both visibly ageing and gradually running out of time to complete the things we want to do and live the life we always dreamed of living.

This can be quite distressing.

Unfortunately there is no way to actually ‘stop’ the hands of time from ticking. However, what you can do is to ensure that you don’t age so obviously, and minimize the visible physical effects of aging.

Of course, each method has its own advantages and drawbacks. Here we will look at a few of the different methods and what you can expect…

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October 29, 2019

Profollica: The #1 Hair Regrowth System

Profollica Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss, or male pattern baldness is one of the early visible signs of aging in men.

There are several different approaches men take to try to combat the problem, including the totally ineffective and often laughable comb over, but there are only 3 effective solutions.

  1. A hair transplant. Incredibly expensive (think $25,000 plus) and yet very often ineffective. Not to mention that as your hair loss progresses, the gap between your original and transplant hairlines grows until you need another one!
  2. Start shaving your head. This can be a great solution if you have the right shaped head. Some people like the look, others don't. And it does mean an addition to your daily shave.
  3. Regrow your hair. For this to work, you need a product that treats the root cause of the problem and to do this, there's only one product that I can recommend.
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October 28, 2019

Anti-Aging Exercises

Anti-Aging Exercise Routines

You may have seen the 20 exercise routine for seniors that I posted in Senior Exercise Routine: Videos 1 – 10 and Senior Exercise Routine: Videos 11 – 20 and perhaps even Sex and Seniors: The Hidden Truth which encourages sex as an exercise in itself, as well as having many other benefits. This article examines HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training for those seniors who are looking for something a little more intense and a little more challenging.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) as an Anti-Aging Exercise

5 Factors to Consider Before Starting HIIT

HIIT for Anti-Aging

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and it has sky-rocketed in popularity among millions of people.

You'll often see them in the park working out with ropes, boxing gloves and fast body weight exercises. In the past, the general idea was that running in the park or on the treadmills for hours was the way to go when it came to losing weight.

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