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November 3, 2019

Do You Want to Look Younger?

Looking Younger: Effective and Ineffective Ways 

Anti-Aging: Christina Brinkly at 61

Christie Brinkley is 64 

Unless you are literally still a child, or someone who looks forward to and embraces old age, you are someone who wants to look younger.

As we get older we unfortunately are dealt the double blow of both visibly ageing and gradually running out of time to complete the things we want to do and live the life we always dreamed of living.

This can be quite distressing.

Unfortunately there is no way to actually ‘stop’ the hands of time from ticking. However, what you can do is to ensure that you don’t age so obviously, and minimize the visible physical effects of aging.

Of course, each method has its own advantages and drawbacks. Here we will look at a few of the different methods and what you can expect…

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