30 Day Body and Mind Detox

By Emma Morgan

November 26, 2021

Detox Essential: Ditch Refined Sugar

Detox to Lose Weight

Many people are addicted to sugar as a result of a habit developed in childhood. It’s a must for everyone who wants to lose weight to reduce or eliminate refined sugar from their diet plan.

Sugar is not bad to health as long as it is consumed in moderate quantity. But preferably you should get your sugar from natural products such as fruit or honey rather than refined sugar, which has all sorts of destructive health issues.

If you normally prefer taking food that is high in sugar content, then you will be facing many health problems in the future. These may include the twin scourges of modern life, obesity and Type 2 diabetes.


The Risks of Excessive Sugar in our Bodies

Detox to Improve Your Body

If you lessen sugar in your lifestyle, you can avoid major health risks to the body like diabetes and obesity. Some of the highest contents of sugar are found in processed food so it would be wise to avoid them completely. It is one of the hardest things to do if you love to eat sweets, like pastries, or food with high sugar levels. You probably don't want to accompany your child to birthday party or to attend weddings because - admit it; these events are prone to have lots of sugar.

Diabetes is one of the biggest enemies of people who like sweets. We eat sugar to boost energy. Like caffeine - which, if over-consumed, causes tons of side effects. Another risk factor of eating sugar is getting sugar into the blood stream. We need to avoid this because there are many health issues caused by an increase of blood sugar content in our body system.

Ways to Ditch Sugar and Still be Healthy

Detox with Natural Juices

If you want a sugar-free life, there are other ways to eat food without sucrose involved or by choosing to consume food that is naturally rich with nutrients. Fruits like banana, watermelon, orange, apple, mango and lychee are the best alternative of refined sugar. These fruits have natural sugars that are healthier, especially if you want to lose weight.

Always choose dark chocolates over the regular ones because of its lower sugar content. You will have a really healthy lifestyle if you remove refined sugar in your diet plan. Sugar helps us boost our adrenaline and to stay awake to do more but we can also get these with other sources of food without refined sugar like apples and oranges.

Choose water or natural blended juice over soft drinks because they are a major cause of gaining weight. Instead of candy, there are alternative healthy foods like nuts to relieve the craving to food. It is better to make your own food or eat homemade products rather than buying packaged food. Sometimes you don't know what ingredients are used or the sugar level in them.

Look for sugar where you may not have previously thought it would be. Even not all salad dressings are healthy and some of them contain more sugar.

Always eat foods that are rich in proteins. Start cutting candy because this all started with your addiction to the sugar rush. If you love cupcake better eat sugar free pastries. If you love milk tea and shakes, ask the staff to lower the sugar in your drink or better don’t let them put syrup and add ice to your blended drink.

It is better to have a companion who wants to go down the path of being sugar free because you will have more motivation to do it. Learn to exert self-control to handle the cravings to food especially with lots of sugar in it. Challenge yourself to try to be sugar free for one to two weeks. Eating less or without sugar doesn't mean you will not enjoy life or have fun, it only means you choose the right way to live longer and to be healthy. If you can’t get rid of sugar in your diet immediately, you can minimize its intake in your body. A good diet always complements with a regular workout. Once a week you can eat and splurge with sugar like pastries, cupcake and food which are rich with sugar but do not overdo it.

Emma Morgan

About the author

After a messy divorce, Emma turned her life around with a 30 day body and mind detox and the adoption of a healthy diet and lifestyle. She maintains her youthful appearance with a daily skin care regimen that uses only skin care products containing all-natural ingredients.

She wakes up every morning looking forward to the day ahead. She feels relaxed, stress free and healthy. Her friends tell her she has an inner glow. But it wasn't always like that.

After a bitter divorce that left her drained, almost broke and with two kids to support, she had too much and too little.

Too much junk food, too much stress, too much yelling, too much over-reaction. And way too much over-weight.

Too little exercise, too little sleep, too little nutrition, too little love and tolerance.
She decided to change. She decided to take control.

The result has been a journey. A personal journey into detox, exercise, weight loss and healthy living.

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