Affiliate Marketing for Seniors: E-Commerce

By Phil Lancaster

September 7, 2023

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Affiliate Marketing for Seniors


Is Online Retail Suitable for Seniors?

When we talk about "online retail" in this context, we're specifically pointing towards platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce stores that sell items like t-shirts, caps, mugs, key rings, gifts, among others. These enterprises usually market their products using channels like Facebook advertising and other paid promotional techniques. There's no arguing that the online retail approach can yield significant profits, with leading vendors occasionally making thousands in a day. However, the central question we need to address is – Is this business framework appropriate for seniors?

Shopify provides an established platform for displaying products and allowing visitors to buy them, but can become very expensive and loss-making if you're not achieving sales.

A better solution can be your own website with the free (yes, totally free) WooCommerce plugin, but installing and using it can be challenging. I will be releasing a full, video based training course on creating an e-commerce business. If you register your interest in my upcoming Affiliate Marketing training course at AM FAST Training: Register Your Interest, I'll keep you updated with its progress.

To fully understand this, we need to explore five related aspects.

Assessing Your Financial Readiness: Is Ecommerce a Good Fit for You?

Ecommerce is frequently seen as an industry requiring a notable financial outlay. While it doesn't always require huge initial investments, there's a clear need for funds when it comes to experimenting with advertisements. It's not uncommon to hear promoters of ecommerce strategies claiming that a mere $5 can yield impressive returns.

However, such proclamations can often be deceptive. The truth is, it often necessitates investing hundreds of dollars to discover a product or advertisement that truly clicks with the audience. True profitability comes when a product in high demand is discovered.

For those still employed, such a financial venture might seem manageable. But many older adults have retired and might be on a fixed income. Therefore, assessing one's financial readiness is crucial before venturing into ecommerce.

If there's a substantial financial safety net, taking a plunge into ecommerce could be a calculated risk worth taking. But for those with constrained resources and a goal to incrementally increase income, ecommerce may not be the ideal path.

Is This What You Truly Love?

Achieving success in ecommerce requires persistent experimentation, particularly in advertising. This involves spending countless hours reviewing data and trends. Moreover, the continuous search for fresh products or crafting unique designs, especially if you're using print-on-demand services, becomes a regular endeavor.

Beyond that, there's the logistical part: managing returns, responding to customer queries, sourcing reliable suppliers if employing the dropshipping model, and overseeing other business-related tasks. Such responsibilities can be daunting, especially for seniors who may not be well-versed in digital marketing.

For those new to the realm of online businesses, it might be wiser to begin with simpler models. Alternatives such as freelancing, specialized websites, affiliate marketing, or developing your own products can be viable entry points.

Upon establishing profitability in these areas, they can potentially offer both the funds and the assurance to branch out into ecommerce. While ecommerce can be lucrative, it comes with its own set of challenges, financial investments, and a need for sustained effort. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure your heart is truly in it for the venture to thrive.

Do You Possess the Required Time and Vigor?

Many seniors, post-retirement, find themselves in the unique position of having more free hours but possibly less stamina. The reality is that as we age, we might tire more easily.

Ecommerce is an unyielding arena that demands continuous oversight of ad outcomes, conversion statistics, and other key indicators. With advertising funds always at stake, prolonged pauses are costly, as inactive or ineffective ads can lead to financial setbacks.

Therefore, it's crucial to honestly assess not only the time at your disposal but also the vitality and enthusiasm you can bring to such an intensive venture.

Have You Explored Other Digital Revenue Avenues?

Before immersing oneself in the world of ecommerce, it's beneficial to gain familiarity with other online marketing avenues. Establishing an ecommerce store demands an understanding of platform dynamics and the creation of persuasive product narratives, which taps into copywriting expertise.

Furthermore, the domain of ecommerce frequently overlaps with areas like social media, as illustrated by Facebook pages and their associated ads. A basic grasp of SEO can be invaluable in channeling organic visitors to your site.

The intertwined nature of ecommerce and various digital marketing strategies means that succeeding in one often stems from the skills and insights acquired in the other. It's wise to acquaint yourself with these fundamental approaches before diving deep into ecommerce. In short, only embrace ecommerce when you've equipped yourself adequately.

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