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Ray Brannum - September 26, 2019 Reply

Phil, I am also a member of WA. I have you beat on age, I will be 87 on March 18. I really like your site and believe you will enjoy great success. Someone you might affiliate with is Dr. Sears. He is a medical doctor who has a great line of anti aging supplements. Also he does a great blog which you might use on your site. I have found to be a great site that cares for their affiliate. Use my landing page and if you join or buy something I will get credit.

They pay a starting commission of 20% and can go as high as 40% based on sales. Also you can recruit one sub affiliate off of which you make 10%. Also their cookies are for ever. Which means if a customer buys a product a year from not they are still your customer.

I wish you great success!!!

    Phil Lancaster - September 26, 2019 Reply

    Thanks, Ray. I appreciate the reference and will certainly check out Dr Sears products via your link.

Abigail Perez - November 11, 2019 Reply


My name is Abigail, and I’m part of the editorial team of HVMN. We research and present articles discussing health, nutrition and diet, among other topics related to human optimization.

I’m going over some articles and I came across one of yours: and I would love to share it across my reach.

Our team recently published a related article, which you can find below:

Keto Diet Fundamentals

Would you be interested in collaborating with us and publishing our piece on your site as an additional resource? From our end, we would promote your page by sharing it with our Twitter following, you can just send us over the link to the article once it’s live, along with other content you want us to promote and we’ll do our best to disseminate.

By the way, if you’re interested in a long-term partnership, we can provide you with high quality articles on a weekly basis that would hopefully contribute in enriching the content on your site.

In case you decide to publish, here’s a Google doc version of our article: This will make it easier for you to copy and paste, or revise, wherever you see fit.

I’d love to get your feedback on the above.

Kind regards,

    Phil Lancaster - December 4, 2019 Reply

    Hi Abigail,

    Please accept my apologies for not responding to your comment earlier. I have been focused elsewhere.

    I am interested in your proposal and will get back to you in the next couple of days with specifics.


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