Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Let’s Talk About ED

By Phil Lancaster

January 19, 2022

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can be devastating to men (and their partners) and unfortunately, millions of men suffer from the condition.

If you go to the doctor to talk about the issue, you’re likely to get put on one or more of the popular medications used to treat the condition.

While they can be effective (temporarily), these medications come with a raft of side effects, some of which are decidedly unpleasant. Even worse, these medications aren’t really a cure, they’re more like a temporary workaround. And in fact, can make the problem worse in the long run.


Penis Surgery Is So, So Bad

Penis Surgery is Horrifying

Size might matter, but the risks associated with penis surgery are horrific.

A new study published in the prestigious journal Sexual Medicine Reviews reveals that ineffective and risky penis enlargement surgeries leave patients mentally and physically damaged.

A research team from the King's College Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience in London examined 21 different types of penis surgery performed on 1,192 men around the world.

They reported that treatment outcomes were poor, with a high risk of major complications and extremely low satisfaction.

Complications included penile deformity, shortening of the penis (!) and erectile dysfunction.

And if that wasn't enough to scare you off, a healthy 30 year old man in Sweden recently DIED after penis enlargement surgery.

The procedure involved injecting fat from another part of his body into his penis to increase its size.  Some of this fat entered his veins, where it was transferred to his lungs, causing a blockage that led to his death.

Another man recently died while undergoing a penis enlargement procedure in Paris. Ehud Arye Laniado, a Belgian and Israeli citizen, reportedly suffered a massive heart attack just moments after an unknown substance was injected into his penis, according to Belgian media outlets

The Belgian diamond company that Laniado founded, Omega Diamonds, released a statement saying: “It is with great sadness that we confirm the news that our founder, Ehud Arye Laniado, passed away on Saturday, March 2, 2019. He was 65 years old. After living an exceptional life Ehud will be brought back home to Israel as his final resting place. He will be dearly missed by us all.”

Erectile Dysfunction Medication

Erectile Dysfunction and Viagra

Erectile dysfunction drugs tend to be really expensive. Month after month, you’re having to pay to work around your condition. That’s what the Big Pharmaceutical companies want.

Why would they want to cure you when they can rope you into buying their overpriced pills month after month? That’s pure profit for them.

They’re no more interested in actually providing a cure for your condition than your dog is.

If pills aren’t the answer then, what is?

At the root, Erectile Dysfunction is a circulatory issue. The quality of your erections is directly tied to your circulation.

The more and better your blood flow, the better your erections will be.

Fortunately, there are a number of natural ways you can increase your circulation overall, which has the happy side effect of improving your erections

Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a problem that affects millions of men. The older you are, the more likely it is that you’ll experience it.

The problem, of course, is knowing when ED is an actual problem, and when you’re just experiencing a temporary glitch in your anatomy.

It’s no secret – men are pretty attached to their penises, so when something goes wrong and you can’t get it up on demand, most men’s minds immediately go to the worst case scenario.

The good news is, that’s usually not the case.

For instance, if you enjoy a good drink (whiskey, bourbon, beer, or whatever your poison of choice is), that might put you “in the mood”...but at the end of the day, alcohol IS a poison, and if you drink too much of it, you’ll find that your body won’t cooperate when it’s time for some fun between the sheets (no matter how horny you might feel!)

If you smoke, and try to have sex shortly thereafter, you also run the risk of having performance problems. In this particular case, it’s because nicotine constricts your blood vessels, which translates into lower blood flow.

Your penis relies on good blood flow to get (and stay) hard. Anything that interferes with that blood flow is going to work against you.

Erectile Dysfunction Foods

Food to Help Erectile Dysfunction

Eating healthfully and mindfully will always improve your sex life, but there are also specific foods that are believed to help alleviate or overcome erectile dysfunction. These include:

Watermelon. It has a compound that can have effects similar to ED meds on your blood vessels. It's loaded with lycopene, an antioxidant that’s good for your heart, prostate, and skin.

Oysters. These shellfish may boost your testosterone levels, and that can help with sex drive. They're also chock-full of zinc, a nutrient your body needs.

Coffee. Your morning cup of coffee may give your love life a boost. That’s because caffeine helps boost blood flow. One study found that men who drank two or three cups of coffee a day were less likely to have erectile dysfunction.

Dark Chocolate helps your body make more nitric oxide, which can help with erections and is in many ED medications. It's rich in flavanols, plant nutrients that can increase blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Walnuts have lots of arginine, an amino acid your body uses to make nitric oxide. They’re also good sources of vitamin E, folic acid and fiber.

The best overall treatments for erectile dysfunction are natural ones. These include food, herbs and specific penile exercises. Click on the Learn More... button in the sidebar to the right. For an all natural treatment approach, involving both pills and exercises, see Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Remedies.

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