How Love Heals

By Phil Lancaster

January 20, 2022


Can Love Heal All?

Love Heals All

Whether it's the love that partners feel for each other, the love between a parent and a child, the sometimes difficult love that siblings can bear for each other or even the love between a human and a pet, love is a powerful healing emotion.

The old saying “love heals all” has been used as a motivational mantra during hard times. This elusive idea that love, one of the most powerful emotions of them all, can bring about a sense of peace is overwhelming; in the best way possible.

Unfortunately, it takes a deep understanding of yourself and the world around you to grasp the concept that love really can heal a majority of the things we go through. Let’s consider how.


Love Is Supportive

Love is Supportive

It seems that during our darkest moments, the outpouring of love can come in various forms.

Whether it’s a friendly text from a loving family member or a nice greeting from an unknowing stranger, love is expressive.

This seemingly small display of affection can be the light an individual needs during an overwhelming time.

When you can depend on your partner to support you when you need it the most, you feel that you can tackle anything that the world can bring on to challenge you. And, of course, it needs to be reciprocal as well. If your partner can rely on you to support them in their hour of need, you will both reap the benefit.

Love Is Patient

Love is Patient

When a person truly loves someone, they exercise patience. This means they’re open to overlooking simple flaws with the hopes that one day they’ll continue working on themselves.

This is an essential quality to have when you’re in a romantic relationship. Sure, nobody is perfect. However, the more you continue to exercise patience, the more you’ll appreciate their growth. Although eventually sibling rivalry may get in the way, children will often exhibit patient love towards a new baby in the family, exhibiting a wonderful tolerance towards all the demands that a baby can impose on the entire household.

This can manifest itself in later life as well. A close and loving sibling relationship can provide that one person that you can always depend on in a crisis.

Love is Unconditional

Love is Unconditional

Much like a mother who loves her child or siblings who are always there for each other, true love is unconditional. This means it’s able to overlook physical and emotional imperfections. This is especially healing for individuals who are going through transformative stages. They may be on a weight loss journey or even pursuing a new career. Those in their circle who love them are able to overlook this momentary lapse of “perfection” and exercise unconditional love.

When people are going through certain things, they need this unconditional love to help them endure. By having this unconditional support from the ones around them, they’re able to continue their journey with strength.

Love is Understanding

Love is Understanding

When a person feels misunderstood, they’re missing a strong aspect of love from others. They may feel like those around them aren’t trying hard enough to see their point of view. This could easily come off as unloving.

However, individuals who love one another will go above and beyond to understand their counterparts. This means taking the time to listen and truly grasp the perspective of those around them. This is an essential characteristic for those in romantic relationships.

Understanding is one of the foundations of love. In fact, many people end relationships because they felt their partner simply didn’t understand them. Since it’s so important, it’s vital for those to seek understanding as a means to showing love.

Love is Expressive

Love is Expressive

When individuals are going through hard times, it’s good for those around them to express their love and support. This little boost of motivational confident is like medicine to a sick child. It just makes the pain tolerable and easy to endure.

When an individual expresses not only their support, but also how they feel about a person, they’re letting them know that their live is real. This is especially important for individuals going through self-esteem issues.

It's easy to forget the extent that we are judged by our deeds and actions, rather than what we say or, even more common, what we feel but don't express to others. It's no use expecting the other person to just know "but of course I'm always here for you". Make it obvious by the things you do. A bunch of flowers to cheer them up or a casserole when they are feeling too down to cook, will go a long way towards lifting their spirits.

How Can You Show Love?

How Can You Show Love

Using love as a healing tool is an essential part of developing healthy relationships. One of the foremost ways you can implement this into your daily relationships is to let those around you know how you feel about them.

Seek to practice understanding and patience as you deal with those going through hard times. In addition, never be afraid to express your love and support for them. Your kind words and consistency may be just what they need to endure.

As you continue to practice love as a healing tool, understand that karma is real. What you put out will surely come back. Therefore, continue to place love at the forefront as it truly heals all.

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