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March 24, 2020

Covid-19 Lockdown

#1 food to stock up on during quarantine (in stock, ships to your door)

2 year shelf-life, in stock, ships straight to your door...

Supermarket Shelves Bare During Covid-19

Supermarket Shelves Bare During Covid-19

Thousands of events have been canceled; schools, restaurants, bars, and clubs have been closed; and transit systems are at a standstill. Borders have been closed down. And that doesn't even touch the state of grocery stores nationwide... shelves are empty, lines are out the doors with hours of waiting just to get INTO the store, and the little they do have is being rationed. Meat and quality protein sources? Almost non-existent.

When a nation-wide lockdown for the majority of states is put in place, and it's all but guaranteed at this point, things will only become more challenging.


At BioTrust, we are stepping up and doing all we can to support our millions of customers and 100+ employees to ensure you aren't left hanging out to dry during these critical times. As part of this, we went to great lengths to secure a fresh and pure shipment of our immune-supporting protein BioTrust Low Carb, which we truly believe is the perfect food to stock up on right now for so many reasons:

1. To help as many people as we can, we are making it available at our lowest price, up to 51% OFF until we sell out

2. It has a 2-year shelf life

3. It's the perfect, most convenient and nutritious meal replacement in the world -- just add water

4. It contains the perfect balance of carbs, healthy fats and nutrients to keep you healthy, including 24g of immunity-boosting protein to keep you strong and resilient

5. It's award winning taste (7 different dessert-like flavors) will actually have you looking forward to enjoying it regularly

6. It’s perfect for any age and for all family members young or old.

And the best part? No spending hours in lines, no rationing... order as much as you want while we still have inventory, and get it shipped right to your door... all up to 51% off today.

Click on this link to find out more and how you can get your hands on the immune-supporting protein BioTrust Low Carb:


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