Internet Marketing for Seniors

By Phil Lancaster

April 9, 2021

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Internet Marketing for Seniors: Success in 2021

Internet Marketing for Seniors

There has never been a better time for anyone willing to put in a little effort to achieve internet marketing success. This applies to seniors as much as to anyone else. No matter what your age and experience, you can build a profitable online business with a little help.

I'm also a senior (77 in 2021) and I understand the problems that you may face in getting your head around internet marketing for seniors.

That's why I have a great deal for you, where you will get my personal help to create one or more successful online businesses at no cost to you for my time and expertise (I have over 20 internet marketing businesses).

I'll tell you how later in this post. But first...

The Perfect Storm (for Internet Marketing)

Perfect Storm for Internet Marketing

There are so many factors that have uniquely come together to make this the right time for internet marketing for seniors.

  1. Partly because of the pandemic, more people are shopping online than ever before.
  2. Because of this, a waterfall of money is pouring into online businesses. You need to be standing under it.
  3. While still not trivial, creating a website no longer requires a degree in IT and is well within the capabilities of most seniors. At least with a little help. No prize for guessing that's where I come in!
  4. There is ample help and training available to help anyone, including seniors, to get started with an online business. I'm going to steer you in the direction of training that I've used and recommend, but then add my personal mentoring to pretty much guarantee your success.
  5. Startup costs are low. In fact, trivial compared to any kind of bricks and mortar business.
  6. Once you have one successful online business, it can be duplicated to double, treble and quadruple (and more) your income.
  7. The majority of seniors do not have the retirement savings to support their desired lifestyle. If this is you, you should seize this opportunity with both hands.
  8. A successful online business (or businesses) not only solves this financial problem, but helps keep your brain young. It's a form of anti-aging!

Different Internet Marketing Models

Affiliate Marketing Agreement

There are several different models that you can use when building an online store.

Some are simpler than others, but you'll eventually use all of them. Some may appeal to you more than others, but you can make money from all of them.

And you're not limited to just one model for any one online business.

I have online stores that sell my own product, along with affiliate products and drop shipped items, at the same time building up a responsive email list. And if you do any sort of research on internet marketing for seniors, you'll come across the phrase "the money is in the list". In fact, a surprisingly accurate rule of thumb is that an email list is worth $1 in profit per month per member.

Now an email list of 10,000 is more than feasible if you know how to offer value and sign up your visitors.

Would an extra $10,000 a month be useful?

How about $100,000 a month? There are plenty of online businesses doing that. You could be one of them. Not today or tomorrow but, with the right help and guidance, not all that far off either.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the simplest model and the most popular one to get started with. It's analogous to being a commission salesperson. You get accepted into a supplier's affiliate program and then promote their products on your website. When a visitor clicks on your promotion, they are taken to the supplier's website. If they buy a product from that site, you get paid an affiliate commission for referring the sale.

Products can be digital, for immediate delivery or physical, for delivery to the customer's address.

Suppliers with an affiliate marketing program include big, well-known ones like Amazon, individual suppliers in specific niches like golfing equipment and gateways to lots of individual suppliers, such as ClickBank, Commission Junction and Warrior+.

Acceptance to an affiliate marketing program is not usually automatic, but I can tell you how to make it a certainty.

Some affiliate commissions are extraordinarily generous. For example, I have one that pays me $100 if the customer buys a $69 product! This is because the supplier gets the customer onto their email list and they know how valuable that is.

Which brings me to the big disadvantage of affiliate marketing. The supplier, not you, gets the customer details for their list.

BUT... There's a way around that. It's not known to everyone, but I'll be happy to share it with you when you become my student.

Creating and Selling Your Own Product

Creating and selling your own product is not as difficult as you might think and gives you a lot of control.

First up, you don't have to create it from scratch.

You can use PLR (Private Label Rights).

A PLR product is created by someone else, who then sells you the right to resell it as your own work.

This has advantages and disadvantages.

Clearly, the upside is that you can have your own product ready to sell in a very short period of time.

And the price is usually very low. Sometimes as low as $7 and rarely more than $27.

The downsides are:

  • A lot of PLR is crap. You would not want to put your name on it. Fortunately, I'm in contact with a small handful who create excellent PLR products and I can introduce you to them.
  • By its very nature, PLR is sold to several people. But that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use it. What it does mean is that you need to make it unique to you. There are a number of ways to do this and I've prepared some guides that I can share with you. Here's a PLR product that I've modified and use as a lead generator:
Home Workout Bible Original Cover

Original Cover

Home Workout Bible Medium

My Cover

Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping can be very profitable but can also be a lot of work to set up and also to run on a day to day basis.

It's very similar to a traditional retail model, where you buy your product at a wholesale price and mark it up to sell at a retail price.

But with three huge advantages.

  1. You don't stock inventory
  2. You don't deliver product and
  3. You get paid by your customer before you pay your supplier.

So how does drop shipping work and what are the issues?

You find a supplier who will sell to you at a lower price than you are able to charge and who will drop ship. This simply means that you can place an order on them and they will ship directly to your customer (without enclosing an invoice). From the customer's point of view, they are dealing with you and are unaware of your supplier. This is similar to a bricks and mortar business. When you buy a product, you are normally unaware of who their supplier is or how much they have paid for the product.

One of the most popular drop shipping suppliers is AliExpress. AliExpress is a member of the AliBaba group, who dominate the e-retail space in China.

What are the downsides of drop shipping?

Like the advantages, there are three.

  1. If the goods are being shipped from China, they can take several weeks to arrive. It's therefore essential to manage your customer's expectations.
  2. It's YOUR customer. If there are issues with the product or its delivery, YOU are the one who must address them.
  3. If you are successful, the work involved in taking your customer's order, checking that you've received payment, placing the order on the corresponding supplier and tracking the delivery, for every product you sell, can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, there are ways to handle all of these issues, including a WordPress plugin that automates the path between customer and supplier order.

How Do You Get Started?

Wealthy Affiliate

I'd like you to get started the same way that I did, with a program called Wealthy Affiliate.

But with an advantage I never had: an experienced, knowledgeable mentor to make sure that I didn't make the same mistakes that almost everyone else does.

And that mentor is me.

In a moment, I'm going to direct you to a page where you can learn a lot more about Wealthy Affiliate and even watch over my shoulder as I create a website from scratch in less than two minutes.

If you are looking to get into internet marketing for seniors (or indeed for any age group) Wealthy Affiliate is your starting point. It has all the training you need, especially if you know little or nothing about this online world. And you'll find that you've become a member of a wonderfully supportive world-wide community.

And the cost is very low. Free to join, but to get serious about creating an online business, you need to upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus. Premium costs just $19 for the first month and $49 per month after that. Premium Plus unlocks even more training and is still only $99 per month.

So please go to My Wealthy Affiliate now. Join Wealthy Affiliate from that page and then come back to fill in the registration form for me to be your mentor. I'm looking forward to working with you!

Internet Marketing for Seniors or anyone else who wants financial success is within your reach.

Phil Lancaster

About the author

Phil is a septuagenarian who believes in an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating. His website is all about helping others to look and feel younger. The Aging Slowdown website covers diet, exercise, skin care, sexual health, your immune system. stress relief and better sleep. For those moving into retirement and concerned about income and lifestyle, there's an entire section devoted to creating an online business at any age.

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