Kollagen Intensiv Review

By Emma Morgan

June 16, 2021

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Kollagen Intensiv

Skinception Kollagen Intensive

Kollagen Intensiv is my absolute favorite anti-aging face cream.

It has a lovely consistency and a pleasant, floral scent.

But most importantly it's incredibly effective.

Just not immediately.

Have you ever noticed how, for some of the best things in life, you have to wait? Think of the book whose story stays with you for life, but you had to wade through the first 100 pages while the characters, their background and intersecting storylines were established. Think of your best friend who took ages to warm to you and you to her. Think... well you get the idea.

It's the same with Kollagen Intensiv.

Initially, I bought one jar and applied it every day. It felt great and I loved the scent.

But I couldn't see that it was making any difference to my skin...

Until I could!

But at that stage, I'd used most of the jar.

However, I could see a definite reduction in wrinkles, with the result that I looked younger.

This was something I wanted to continue, so I decided to plunge right in and ordered the six-pack.

That was when I discovered that you got an extra 2 jars with the 6-pack, making it an 8-pack with a net cost of only $36 a jar. For an 8 month supply (which actually turned out to be closer to a year) of a wonderfully effective product, I thought it was a bargain.

Kollagen Intensiv Review Chart

My business partner Phil is a lot more analytical than me. He says it's all very well to rave about the product but to create a proper review, I need to list 5 product features, provide some verifiable information about them and give each one a star rating. So here goes (but first, some pretty skin pictures).

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Star Rating

Ingredients. The primary active ingredient inside Kollagen Intensiv is Syn®-Coll. A double blind clinical study of this ingredient and a placebo showed that Syn®-Coll reduced wrinkles and deep lines by about 354% in comparison to the placebo. Other Kollagen Intensiv ingredients to nourish and soften the skin include Shea Butter, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (known as the natural botox alternative) Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol, Vitamin C and other organic extracts, including green tea and cucumber.

Texture. Kollagen Intensiv is not a serum, so not so much a liquid that you rub into your skin but a creamy texture that feels wonderful as you apply it. I love the feel of it going on and how it makes my skin glow.

Side Effects. It's true that many skin treatments have unpleasant side effects, such as skin rash, itchy skin and discoloration. I'm pleased to report that I've had absolutely zero side effects from using Kollagen Intensiv and my research indicates that most users report a similar experience.

Value. I've given this a 5 star rating because I buy my Kollagen Intensiv in the 6-pack. This costs $289.95 but you actually get 8 jars, meaning that the unit cost comes down to around $36, which is excellent value. Also, a jar lasts me around 6 weeks, so 8 jars for me is almost a year's supply!

Effectiveness. Phil says that the correct word is efficacy, but he can be a pedantic pain in the ass sometimes. All I know is that it works big-time!

Kollagen Intensiv Downside

If there's one downside to Kollagen Intensiv, it's how long it takes to be really effective.

Like I said earlier, I was almost at the end of my first jar before I started to notice any real improvement. If it had been just a few days later, I might not have persevered.

And I discovered later that the product's manufacturers say that it takes 84 days (let's round that up to 3 months, hey) to be fully effective.

Now in the overall scheme of things, that's actually not very long.

But when you're just starting out and looking for fast improvement, it can seem like forever stretching out in front of you.

So here's what we've done...

Skinception Kollagen Intensive
BioTRUST Ageless Multi-Collagen
Joint 33X

Kollagen Intensiv + Ageless Multi-Collagen + Joint 33X

Ageless Multi-Collagen and Joint 33X are fast acting collagen and connective tissue supplements that are taken internally.

They act alongside Kollagen Intensiv to give you the fastest possible improvement to your skin and joints.

...and we're giving them to you as a bonus!

Just buy 1, 3 or 6 jars of Kollagen Intensiv and you'll also get Ageless Multi-Collagen and Joint 33X as an absolutely free gift. Plus another free gift that I can't tell you about here.

For all the details, go to Free Skin Care Products: Collagen


Make Up Artist
To The Stars

They don’t call Priscilla Ono “Make Up Artist To The Stars’ without very good reason. One of the youngest cosmetic rock stars ever to key a main tent show for New York fashion week, she’s worked with Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra. You may have seen her mark in Glamour magazine and music videos with Rihanna too, so we were thrilled when she said “I recommend Kollagen Intensiv® to all my clients.”

What can we say about America’s Next Top Model winner and fan favourite Lisa D’Amato other than ‘she’s awesome’? A (very!) busy supermodel and budding recording artist, Lisa’s worked with Skinception since 2013 and since won clients over with her plucky attitude. According to Lisa, “Kollagen Intensiv® helps me look my best in front of the camera and off of it too.” We think she’s a keeper.

Cindy spent over a year looking for a product that worked. She spoke with other women about their skin care habits until she read a beauty column by Priscilla Ono, AKA ‘the make up artist to the stars’. Having worked with clients like Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra, she knows her stuff. So Cindy paid attention when Priscilla mentioned that a new wrinkle cream called Kollagen Intensiv® combined retinol with Syn-coll.

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