The Best Collagen Products: Free Gifts

By Phil Lancaster

June 5, 2022

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Collagen Improves Skin from the Inside

The Best Collagen Products

(Buy 1, Get 2 Free)

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We have a very special deal for you today.

Buy one award-winning collagen product and get two other complementary collagen products absolutely free!

The three collagen products will work as a team on both the inside and the outside to give you younger looking skin.

But first, why collagen?

What is Collagen?

Collagen Boosting Foods

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body, making up from 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein content. It consists of amino acids bound together to form a triple helix of elongated fibril known as a collagen helix. It is mostly found in connective tissue such as cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin.

In fact, it is the main component of connective tissue and so is vitally important to how well your joints work and how good your skin looks and feels. Collagen is the protein that gives skin its structure, suppleness, and stretch.

As we age, we produce less collagen in our skin every year. This is why older people are more inclined to exhibit wrinkles and thinning skin. The good news is that this can be prevented and even reversed by focusing on collagen production.

What you eat affects the quality and quantity of collagen in your body. Here are some foods that you should incorporate into your diet (subject to allergies, of course):

  • Chicken. Many collagen supplements are derived from chicken, which contains ample amounts of collagen. Poultry has a lot of connective tissue, which make it a rich source of dietary collagen.
  • Fish and Shellfish. Marine collagen is one of the most easily absorbed but in the Western world, we don’t tend to consume the parts of fish that are highest in collagen, like the head, scales and eyeballs,
  • Egg Whites (Although eggs don’t contain connective tissues like many other animal products, egg whites do have large amounts of proline, one of the amino acids necessary for collagen production).
  • Citrus Fruits (Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and limes are full of vitamin C, which plays a major role in the production of pro-collagen, the body’s precursor to collagen itself).
  • Berries are another excellent source of vitamin C. Ounce for ounce, strawberries provide more vitamin C than oranges. Raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries also contain this vital component, as well as being high in antioxidants, which protect the skin from damage.
  • Cashews. These filling nuts contain zinc and copper, both of which boost the body’s ability to create collagen.

However, most people don't get enough of a collagen boost from their regular diet alone.

That's where collagen supplements come in.

Collagen Supplements

Kollagen Intensiv

Skinception Kollagen Intensive

Kollagen Intensiv­® tackles collagen production itself, one of the major underlying causes of wrinkled, older-looking skin.

Kollagen Intensiv® includes the very latest medical breakthroughs in natural collagen renewal, encouraging your skin to increase collagen production naturally for a visible reduction of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and more. Skin regains a more youthful and elastic appearance.

With Kollagen Intensiv®, there's no need for expensive collagen injections.

Kollagen Intensiv® works with the other collagen supplements shown further down on this page as a super team, tackling collagen production from both the inside and the outside to rejuvenate your skin.

BioTRUST Ageless Multi-Collagen (FREE Offer)

BioTRUST Ageless Multi-Collagen

I'm a huge fan of BioTRUST products.

For 3 really good reasons:

  1. They just work.
  2. They contain all natural ingredients.
  3. As an ethical company, BioTRUST does not use animal testing of any kind.

So I was really surprised to receive an email from them recently that was headed "Avoid Collagen".

Especially as Ageless Multi-Collagen is one of their best-selling products.

In fact, I take a scoopful every day with my morning coffee.

But the email went on to say...

First, as you likely already know, many health experts and the media are both head over heels when it comes to the anti-aging benefits of collagen -- especially in terms of helping your skin, hair, joints, and gut health.

And it's really no surprise collagen is so key to anti-aging, because collagen actually makes up 75% of your skin...

It also makes up 70% to 80% of your ligaments, tendons, and joints...

And it even makes up 90% of your bones, nails and hair!

However, did you know...

By the time people hit "middle age," their bodies could be producing less than half the collagen they did in their youth?

Because of this, folks are turning to collagen supplements to support their collagen, but here’s where things get even more concerning...

The email then warned that unscrupulous companies are taking advantage of the "collagen craze" and stocking pharmacies with products labeled Collagen which are not the complete protein sources that they need to be effective and are often created from a single source. They also clump when mixed with a liquid, making them difficult to digest.

BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen™ is a BioTRUST bestseller for good reason.

It contains 5 KEY types of collagen for your body… it is a complete protein… and it is tasteless and odorless so it mixes well and WITHOUT clumping.

Ageless Multi-Collagen contains all the essential amino acids (EAAs) you need -- including a naturally fermented form of tryptophan. This makes it a complete protein, so with 10 grams of protein per serving, you can feel good that you're contributing to your healthy high-protein diet and helping your body look and feel its best.

BioTRUST Joint 33X (FREE Offer)

Joint 33X

One of the sometimes overlooked jobs that collagen does is maintain the cartilage that helps to keep your joints operating smoothly.

Dr Jaime Hope is a a dual-board certified physician and ER doctor who has dedicated my life to saving other people's lives, and to helping them overcome suffering and enjoy life more. In her words...

"Do you know the #1 complaint I hear from patients in their 40s on up about what MOST ruins their quality of life and their happiness on a day-to-day basis?

Joint issues!

For example, a long-time patient of mine named Stephanie said that joint issues that started occurring in her mid-40s seemed to change her life overnight…

And NOT for the better.

You see, she used to jog daily. When the "creaky knees" started, though, it slowed her down, and then she soon quit her jogging altogether.

She gained major weight and suffered some serious emotional issues along with it because she no longer had a physical release for her pent-up emotional energy.

Another patient, Sean, told me that joint flare-ups made him feel like an old grandpa at age 56.

He went from crawling around on the floor with his granddaughter a couple years before to not being able to play with her at all and even struggling to get out of chairs."

And here's my own personal story.

Phil Upper Body Flex

At 77 years old in 2021, I had my right hip replaced 20 years ago when I was 57 and my left hip 5 years after that.

So yes, I know what arthritis feels like.

It's essentially when the cartilage wears off your joint, causing the synovial fluid to disappear and then you have bone grinding on bone. As the condition progresses, your flexibility disappears and joint pain becomes serious.

A few months ago, I noticed the old, familiar pain in my right shoulder joint.

Stretching and rotational exercises helped its flexibility but there was no doubt where it was headed. My belief is that if I'd had an x-ray, an orthopedic surgeon would have recommended a shoulder replacement.

Then I started taking a daily dose of Joint 33X.

The result has been nothing short of amazing. The pain has gone, flexibility is almost back to 100% and I'm close to bench pressing my own body weight again without being held back by shoulder issues.

So What's the Deal Again?

Kollagen Intensiv is available as a single jar for $59.95, a 3-jar pack for $154.95 ($51.65 a jar) or a 6-jar pack for $289.95 ($48.33 a jar).

Actually, you get an extra jar with the 3-pack and two extra jars with the 6-pack, making them even better value.

But whatever deal you choose, even if it's just the single pack, we will also send you BioTRUST Ageless Multi-Collagen and BioTRUST Joint 33X at no charge (not even delivery).

Really, Truly Free? How Come?

The answer is simple.

We are a great believer in BioTRUST products and we think that after you've tried these two, you will be too.

The company has a lot of products, all focusing on some aspect of health and wellness.

It will be our privilege to bring some of them to your attention by email and also to let you know about new products and special deals from time to time. You can, of course, opt out of receiving emails whenever you wish.

Please note, too, that these are not smaller samples that we are giving away.

They are the full size product that customers normally pay for.

And together, they represent three of the best collagen products that you can get anywhere.

To get this deal, please go to Free Skin Care Products: Collagen

Phil Lancaster

About the author

Phil is a septuagenarian who believes in an enjoyable, healthy lifestyle through exercise and healthy eating. His website is all about helping others to look and feel younger.

The Aging Slowdown website covers diet, exercise, skin care, sexual health, your immune system. stress relief and better sleep. For those moving into retirement and concerned about income and lifestyle, there's an entire section devoted to creating an online business at any age.

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  1. Hello! What a great article you’ve shared. I found it very helpful. At least now we know what foods we can add to our diet to increase collagen production. I am familiar with most of the foods mentioned here that can actually add collagen to the body, but cashews came as a surprise to me.
    Are there any other foods that can add collagen to the body except those mentioned? Anyway thanks for sharing this useful and important information with us, I am sure everyone wants to look younger forever, I will therefore be sharing this article further.

    1. Thank you, Kokontaia. Collagen production falls off as we get older and becomes more and more difficult to renew from diet alone. Collagen supplements are an important part of rectifying this.

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