The Beta Switch

Beta Switch

Welcome. This special report is only for women who struggle with the kind of stubborn fat made worse, and harder to lose, by strict dieting or extreme exercise.

For the first time, I'm sharing the unique new tips proven to help women quickly shed the most embarrassing trouble spot fat that has always seemed impossible to lose.

I've been using these same methods to win figure competitions for decades, right into my 40s...

And they have now helped thousands of women around the world achieve the bodies they desire and deserve via my books and training programs - including 36 winners and 4 Grand Champions of Australia's most prestigious national body-transformation contest.

Today I'm going to reveal the hidden research that explains why women struggle with stubborn fat, especially on the hips, thighs and bum...

More importantly, you'll discover a breakthrough tip used by the women featured on this page to literally "flip the switch" that releases the trapped fat in your most embarrassing trouble spot fat zones...

If you take nothing else from this report, simply start using this odd fat-burning trick today, and you can expect your jeans to fit looser in as little as one week...

And you'll be showing off your shapely bum and thighs in your "skinny jeans" in less than a month. [ know what I mean, the one's sitting in your closet that you've given up on...]

Now, I know this sounds like a bold claim, yet I promise you'll soon understand how quickly and easily this will happen for you, like it has for all the other women just like you on this page. So keep reading...

+ The Home Workout Bundle

Home Workout Bible Medium

While what, how and when you eat is the cornerstone of losing body fat, proper exercise is what makes your body look toned and attractive.

To help with this, I'm giving away a free copy of my book The Home Workout Bible.

In it, you'll learn:

  • The challenges of training from home and how to overcome them.
  • Creating an awesome home gym.
  • How muscle growth works.
  • Using intensity techniques to unlock your full potential.
  • Training your legs at home.
  • Bodyweight training and how to learn incredible beast moves.
  • Introducing cardio and weight loss.
  • The last piece of the puzzle - diet. This section complements Sue Heintze's Beta Switch beautifully. You'll have both the theory and the practical steps to follow.

In addition, you're getting 4 fabulous videos showcasing exercises that you can follow along to make your workouts really pop.

Top 5 Fat Loss Exercises

Top 5 Fat Loss Exercises

Burn Fat With Bodyweight Exercises

Burn Fat With Bodyweight Exercises

Blast Away Fat With Cardio

Blast Away Fat With Cardio

Melt Away The Fat By Lifting Weights

Melt Away The Fat By Lifting Weights

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